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GenR8 is back!

GenR8, our group for 10-16 year olds is back this week after an extended Easter break. Friday night from 730-900 in the Welcome Centre on Nottingham Street – come and beat Steve at table tennis…

If you’re in the final term of year 5, you’re welcome to come along too.


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Vanessa becomes Dean!

Many Congratulations to Vanessa Kirby who has become Dean of Community at Church Army last Thursday when she received her license from Bishop Steven. Vanessa pioneered the Chocolate Box project and continues to be a  loved and valued member of Christ Church. The photo shows Vanessa beneath the photo of Wilson Carlile, Church Army founder with folk from Christ Church.

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Karen Palm Sunday celebration

We have a large Karen population in Sheffield, and at Christ Church, and our Palm Sunday service was led by Karen choirs and prayers.  With so much happening in Burma this week, we were especially glad that we were able to join in prayer for the country with personal insight. Here’s some pictures from the service:

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We’re healthy at Christ Church!

Every month we get in an ageing minibus and trundle out into the Peak District for a gentle walk around some stunning countryside. It is a great chance to chat, get to know each other and enjoy some fresh air. We’ll let you know when the next walk is, why not come and join us.

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Email now working

Just to let everyone know that the email address is now working again, after a technical hitch (I broke it) meant that it wasn’t for a while… Until we appoint a new church administrator, this email will be monitored every few days rather than every minute, but it’s the one to use for bookings and non-urgent business.  There’ll possibly be more email addresses to come, but this is here and now.  Feel free to send us an email, to make sure it’s working…

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A cup of tea – 2 :: wwjd?

The traditional post service cup of tea is often a point at which we pick up some of the more pointed or controversial things said in our ministry.
 Here, Huw Thomas asks whether we need to ask “what would Jesus do”?.

The banner most broadcast in the Occupy London protests asks the question: What Would Jesus Do?

The broadcasters presumably wanted to contrast the banner’s question with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background.  Although I share a desire to follow Jesus I feel uneasy at the WWJD question. Fact is, most times I don’t know what Jesus would do.  And  I’m not sure I need to know the answer, or be prompted by the question.

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