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Huw Thomas on musicals and Jesus…

Andrew Lloyd Webber has begun his search for Jesus.

No, the good Lord isn’t seeking our Lord. He’s looking for a singer to play the part of Jesus in a big production of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”.
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Rogating Pitsmoor

This afternoon we walked the Parish, Beat the Bounds and generally rogated Pitsmoor. An ancient tradition continued in a very modern way, through our amazing, beautiful parish.

More pics to follow (and well done especially to everyone who went all the way round, rather than ducking out half way through to listen to the football…) – here’s a start:

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Rogation Sunday Walk

Join us this Sunday (13th May 2012) for a sturdy walk around the whole parish boundary.

You’re welcome for for part or all of the venture as we do a traditional “beating the bounds” pilgrimage from the bottom of Pitsmoor Road, to the Wicker, up through Burngreave Cemetery, then along Scott Road, Barnsley Road and Norwood Roads.

We turn up through Roe Woods and go over the top to Parkwood tip, around the tip and land down by the river, taking a dog-leg all the way to Herries Road and the old Wards End Cemetery.

Then it’s back along Club Mill Road, along the riverside, through Neeps End to end where we began.

The going is road way for the first chunk, woodland path through Roe Woods – and when we go over the hill and down to Wards End there’s a bit of a scramble.

Some join us for part, some do the whole thing.

If you’d prefer the virtual tour here’s a link to the parish map.

[written by Huw Thomas]

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One year – congratulations!

It’s one year today since Philip and Frances joined us at Christ Church – congratulations to them both!  And a big thank you to them for all the hard work and energy they’ve put into their first year here.  We thank God for all that has been achieved, for the new friendships and relationships formed, for the growth in the Kingdom, and we pray for God’s blessing on Philip and Frances in the next year.

One year on :: 4 May 2011 :: Rev Philip Ireson inducted at CCP

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