Christ Church Pitsmoor

Anthony who?

on December 18, 2012
Anthony Stevens :: Youth Worker

Anthony Stevens :: Youth Worker

Born: Birmingham in 1986, I know there are few people at Christ Church who know or have lived in Birmingham so to be specific I was born and raised in Selly Park (in between Selly Oak and Bournville)

Favourite Food: I don’t think I dislike any food and I find it equally hard to state a favourite. I think a food I could eat every night and not be bored is Pizza or Curry…….curry Pizza now there’s a thought

Sport: I like Cycling and I do enjoy the Gym (even if it doesn’t show)

Me: as I’ve said I grew up in Birmingham I could not wait to leave school so when I could I became an engineer. I attended college for 3 year as an apprentice I specialised as a turner on lathes, because of this skill the company also made titanium wedding rings. This meant I learned to polish in various styles, diamond set, inlay precious metals, laser weld and sell. During this time I had a strong calling from God to do youth work (I ignored). A friend asked if I could cover her place on a beach mission and I was hooked. When I returned I realise that I was not serving God in my workplace or listening to God generally. Lots changed for me and I would say I suddenly became aware that God is everywhere and I can serve God anywhere. After a year and God laying on strongly the calling to be a Youth Worker I decided to try it by volunteering. 4 years later people prayer and heard God (me included) that I should grow up and do what I needed to do so I could grow. This was a Degree in youth community work and practical theology, to say I found it tough is an understatement (but that is my personal journey). Rejoice I did it and learned loads on the journey so I’m now Anthony Steven BaHons.

Why Pitsmoor: I saw the Job advert and thought that is me, I saw the church profile and thought that’s a place I can worship, serve and be; so I applied for and here I am. When I was applying for the job and equally when I got the job people would say “Pitsmoor do you know the area?” i have to say even though people rubbished the area I love it here there is no more trouble here that any other area i have lived (i have witnessed less trouble here in fact). So why exactly, discipleship of young people who are committed to Christ and community I love the diverse nature of the place and the endless possibilities.



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