Christ Church Pitsmoor

Mission Weekend 2013

on October 16, 2013

On the 27-29 September Christ Church Pitsmoor had a great weekend. For the weekend we hosted our dear friends from All Saints Ecclesall ( to serve the community of Pitsmoor. we managed to fit quite a lot into one weekend. It all started Friday night with GenR8 youth club to help both groups mis and give an opportunity for All Saints to have a tour of Pitsmoor. saturday we litter picked, cleaned a park (Nottingham Cliff Park). In the afternoon we had a fun afternoon on the park which consisted of a climbing wall, bouncy castle, face painting, BBQ and lots of games. Sunday we took over the service and shared testimonies and worshiped as load as we could. One of the aims of the weekend was to provide an experimental place for young people to explore mission, for young people to come away with stories that would enhance, change, inform and transform their story. This was fascinating in practice as so many young people came away with stories of things that had happened or thay had witnessed. One conversation i had the privilege of having was with one young lady who hadn’t realised until that weekend that prostitution happens outside of London. It was truly amazing to see young people (and adults) come alive with the Holy Spirit, so fired up and passionate about mission in their city.

end of the day photoI know its difficult to tell in this photo but the atmosphere was incredible, seeing so many families using the park was lovely. you can see the hubbub by the climbing wall we had face painting, bracelet making and BBQ over there as well and you can see the bouncy castle poking out. it was the end of the day so no football or basketball which was talking place on the newly cleaned courts. Clean courts is something that started a conversation with a parent at the fun afternoon, we chatted about how great it is that someone cares, not only cares but cares so much that they got up and did something. My hope and prayer for the future is that more people who care will get up and join in. also i hope that people we met and are still meeting will see that ultimately God cares. God cares so much that God gave his one and only son as a sacrifice for our sin bringing us back in unity with God.


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