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GenR8 news for April 2012

GenR8 is our Friday evening group for young people in year 6 and above.  This is just to let everyone know our schedule over the Easter holidays.

While we’re between youth workers (is that an inter-iuvenis-artifex?) (only actually funny if you thought inter regnum was a funny set of words) (and not very funny even then…), we’re going to have a slightly longer break over Easter than usual. So:

There is no GenR8 tonight (30 March 2012), then for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays, or for the first week back after Easter (ie 27 April 2012). We restart as normal on the 4 May. I’ll put up a confirmation post here before hand to remind everyone that it’s on, and then we’ll have a plan for what’s coming up…

Any questions, just get in touch with Richard Hanson. Thanks!

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