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Breathe Deep 2015

The day

Saturday 24th January 15 young people from the mission partnership within Burngreave descended on St Thomas Philadelphia. where 250 other young people and their leaders gathered for a day of prayer, worship games, and opening up some big topics that affect us all.

the day started off great with worship and a word from Bishop Stephen Croft using the lords prayer. everybody then split off to attend discussions  on big topics like poverty and loss. lunch was served by an amazing army hospitable people followed by the most fun with an inflatable assault cause, Photo Booth, crafts, circus skills and games. wrapping up the evening making a music video and worship

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comments by some lovey young people

“Hey everyone I went to this amazing thing called breathe deep on the 24/January/14/15 and it really helped me with life,and loss and every yr it helps me more with my faith and it was so fun and u do great activities we also made a music video and it was just amazing”

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Mission 2014

The end of July kickstarts the holiday season for many people, however this july it meant gearing up to serve. Over the past year christ church pitsmoor has undertaken detached work, prayer walking, family craft sessions and youth groups. Mission 2014 was an amalgamation of CCP’s activities into a 3 day event.

Each morning consisted of fellowship including breakfast and worship (sung and biblical reflection) moving into a time of teaching provided by Snowdrop project and Chocolate box Project. With Snowdrop the group were learning about modern slavery as well as trafficking around the world. Church Army (a linked charity to CCP) were enlightening the group about the amazing work they do with vulnerable women in Sheffield. The point of inviting these projects to share with us was to enable us to learn together about issues in our community, that we could be apart of changing.

The afternoons consisted of practical tasks to help our local community. These consisted of litter picking, park cleaning (huge thanks to Sheffield parks team), prayer walking and fun on Nottingham Cliff

Tuesday the group had a great time providing fun activities in Nottingham Cliff park. Activities included football, basketball, face painting, using the play area, bouncy castle, parachute games, bracelet making and a BBQ. The team met lots of people they had talked to while cleaning the park or litter picking. On the park members of the team also set up a prayer tent. This was well used by members of the public as a space for reflection and prayer. 2 young people on the team in particular got a lot out of praying for people they didn’t know, it was fantastic to see them grow in confidence and shearing faith.

we could have organised a mission trip in another country but it was amazing to learn about and make a different in our community.

A great article by one of the young people

The projects who came and opened our eyes

Get involved
If you have an idea to help your community then share it with someone!
This is a great link to get you on the rite track–about/parks-woodlands–countryside/parks/events/organising-community-events.html

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My Life, My Community

The Adventure playground has been a vital recourse for Pitsmoor for many years. it is fantastic and a privledge to help the adventure playground be a great recourse for many moor. however this street art session was not just about making the recourse attractive to users for the foreseeable future. neither was it just a fantastic session to engage young people in a creative way. although these are amazing things, this session was so much more!

we asked the young people what’s great about the adventure playground and essentially a community of difference is what came about. I asked a lad while he was drawing, what is great about pitsmoor? “it brings people together from all over the world” he replied. you see and feel that through this imagery. what happened was amazing, different organisations, different young people, different nationalities and varying ages. what happened is street art, we shared our creativity, fun, food and friendship to create something amazing, community.


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Pitsmoor adventure playground

A bright sunny Thursday morning was a beautiful time to be serving the local adventure playground. Pitsmoor adventure playground is situated by Burngreave cemetery, lots of children, young people and adults have had the pleasure of using this space. It was (and will be again) my joy to serve in the playground to help this fantastic space be used and enjoyed.

Patrick Meleady, playground manager said, “it was a superb team effort to kick start the painting of structures at the adventure playground, as they haven’t been painted for some time. Ant our local youth worker did a fabulous job working in partnership with the pitsmoor play team to improve our community space. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone at Christ church for all your continued help.”

Uri Rennie added, “the volunteers did some tremendous work and the colours have really brightened up the play area.”


You can check out what the playground has to offer and inquire about helping using this website.

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Breath Deep

We had a great day on Saturday 25th January, 2014 with 200 young Christians from all over south Yorkshire for Breathe deep!

12 young people went from our mission partnership which is fantastic. We had a great day worshiping God, exploring being a Christian in different settings, playing games, eating, laughing and having a great time.

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Mission Weekend 2013

On the 27-29 September Christ Church Pitsmoor had a great weekend. For the weekend we hosted our dear friends from All Saints Ecclesall ( to serve the community of Pitsmoor. we managed to fit quite a lot into one weekend. It all started Friday night with GenR8 youth club to help both groups mis and give an opportunity for All Saints to have a tour of Pitsmoor. saturday we litter picked, cleaned a park (Nottingham Cliff Park). In the afternoon we had a fun afternoon on the park which consisted of a climbing wall, bouncy castle, face painting, BBQ and lots of games. Sunday we took over the service and shared testimonies and worshiped as load as we could. One of the aims of the weekend was to provide an experimental place for young people to explore mission, for young people to come away with stories that would enhance, change, inform and transform their story. This was fascinating in practice as so many young people came away with stories of things that had happened or thay had witnessed. One conversation i had the privilege of having was with one young lady who hadn’t realised until that weekend that prostitution happens outside of London. It was truly amazing to see young people (and adults) come alive with the Holy Spirit, so fired up and passionate about mission in their city.

end of the day photoI know its difficult to tell in this photo but the atmosphere was incredible, seeing so many families using the park was lovely. you can see the hubbub by the climbing wall we had face painting, bracelet making and BBQ over there as well and you can see the bouncy castle poking out. it was the end of the day so no football or basketball which was talking place on the newly cleaned courts. Clean courts is something that started a conversation with a parent at the fun afternoon, we chatted about how great it is that someone cares, not only cares but cares so much that they got up and did something. My hope and prayer for the future is that more people who care will get up and join in. also i hope that people we met and are still meeting will see that ultimately God cares. God cares so much that God gave his one and only son as a sacrifice for our sin bringing us back in unity with God.

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end of evening prayer and worship

end of evening prayer and worship


A worship event that is organised by churches across the city and is for young people 11-18 from across the city. The worship band were from All Saints Ecclesall, teaching provided by Mark Russell with fun and enthusiasm provided by the young people. throughout the evening young people gave heart felt response and a longing to meet with God.  the teaching was focused on the lords prayer in particular “our farther”, trusting God and trusting the power of praying in the name of God.

There were 3 C’s to remember

C – caring

C – Close

C – Competent

we look forward to the next one on 10th July.

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Spring has sprung!

mary2At Christ Church we have been plodding through extreme weather over the past three months. Fancy having to clear the snow away on Palm sunday! So now the daffodils are out, Pitsmoor looks beautiful! an inner city gem indeed! We have had a great holiday club, and have just started our Mission in Acts series last sunday which is available in the download section. We have also held our Annual Church meeting. Mary Reid has stepped down as Warden after 12 years, we are very grateful to her for all her work for Christ Church during that time. Brian Vivian has stepped up to be Warden alongside Lionel Heafield. Our photo shows Curate Hannah in full flow as Mary the Martian at the Holiday Club.

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Anthony who?

Anthony Stevens :: Youth Worker

Anthony Stevens :: Youth Worker

Born: Birmingham in 1986, I know there are few people at Christ Church who know or have lived in Birmingham so to be specific I was born and raised in Selly Park (in between Selly Oak and Bournville)

Favourite Food: I don’t think I dislike any food and I find it equally hard to state a favourite. I think a food I could eat every night and not be bored is Pizza or Curry…….curry Pizza now there’s a thought

Sport: I like Cycling and I do enjoy the Gym (even if it doesn’t show)

Me: as I’ve said I grew up in Birmingham I could not wait to leave school so when I could I became an engineer. I attended college for 3 year as an apprentice I specialised as a turner on lathes, because of this skill the company also made titanium wedding rings. This meant I learned to polish in various styles, diamond set, inlay precious metals, laser weld and sell. During this time I had a strong calling from God to do youth work (I ignored). A friend asked if I could cover her place on a beach mission and I was hooked. When I returned I realise that I was not serving God in my workplace or listening to God generally. Lots changed for me and I would say I suddenly became aware that God is everywhere and I can serve God anywhere. After a year and God laying on strongly the calling to be a Youth Worker I decided to try it by volunteering. 4 years later people prayer and heard God (me included) that I should grow up and do what I needed to do so I could grow. This was a Degree in youth community work and practical theology, to say I found it tough is an understatement (but that is my personal journey). Rejoice I did it and learned loads on the journey so I’m now Anthony Steven BaHons.

Why Pitsmoor: I saw the Job advert and thought that is me, I saw the church profile and thought that’s a place I can worship, serve and be; so I applied for and here I am. When I was applying for the job and equally when I got the job people would say “Pitsmoor do you know the area?” i have to say even though people rubbished the area I love it here there is no more trouble here that any other area i have lived (i have witnessed less trouble here in fact). So why exactly, discipleship of young people who are committed to Christ and community I love the diverse nature of the place and the endless possibilities.


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New youth worker appointed

Ant Stevens, new youth worker at Christ Church

We are delighted to let you know that we have appointed Anthony Stevens to be our next youth worker. The interviewing panel assisted by Frances, Jane and a group of young people thought long and hard after interviewing three excellent candidates.
Anthony is currently finishing a BA in youth, community and practical theology at the Centre for Youth Ministry at St. John’s Nottingham. During his course he has gained extensive youth work experience with Nottingham Youth for Christ, based in Bilborough a deprived area of the city. Anthony was brought up in Birmingham, and after leaving school, gained an engineering apprenticeship with a jewellery company. Anthony enjoys photography, motorsport and rugby in his spare time. We are planning for him to move to Sheffield mid-July and give him a gentle introduction to the mysteries of Pitsmoor during August

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