Christ Church Pitsmoor

Rogating Pitsmoor

This afternoon we walked the Parish, Beat the Bounds and generally rogated Pitsmoor. An ancient tradition continued in a very modern way, through our amazing, beautiful parish.

More pics to follow (and well done especially to everyone who went all the way round, rather than ducking out half way through to listen to the football…) – here’s a start:

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GenR8 is back!

GenR8, our group for 10-16 year olds is back this week after an extended Easter break. Friday night from 730-900 in the Welcome Centre on Nottingham Street – come and beat Steve at table tennis…

If you’re in the final term of year 5, you’re welcome to come along too.


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GenR8 news for April 2012

GenR8 is our Friday evening group for young people in year 6 and above.  This is just to let everyone know our schedule over the Easter holidays.

While we’re between youth workers (is that an inter-iuvenis-artifex?) (only actually funny if you thought inter regnum was a funny set of words) (and not very funny even then…), we’re going to have a slightly longer break over Easter than usual. So:

There is no GenR8 tonight (30 March 2012), then for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays, or for the first week back after Easter (ie 27 April 2012). We restart as normal on the 4 May. I’ll put up a confirmation post here before hand to remind everyone that it’s on, and then we’ll have a plan for what’s coming up…

Any questions, just get in touch with Richard Hanson. Thanks!

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We love to worship God in all kinds of different ways at Christ Church. We sometimes use more traditional hymns but also love to worship Jesus with contemporary Christian music. A new band has just started to lead worship in church services.


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Confirmations with the new Bishop of Doncaster

Last night saw the confirmation of 9 people at Christ Church, with the new Bishop of Doncaster the Rt Rev Peter Burrows.  The church was packed, the atmosphere full of celebration, and there was a true sense of God’s presence with us.

Bishop of Doncaster before the confirmation service

The Bishop early on in the service

The candidates for confirmation

Making the sign of the cross

Spreading water around...

The peace

All together now...

Congratulations and prayers to Morgan, Peggy, Walter, Edith, Angela, Demetrius, Craig, Erna, Jane and Joan, and remembering Robert too.

There’s an additional slideshow of images here:

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Farewell to Hendrik – and thanks!

Hendrik and Mavis are going back to Holland! Hendrik’s been our youth and family worker for the past five years and a bit, and is leaving to be a pioneer church planter in Rotterdam. We’re sad to see them go, but excited for what is coming for them in the future.

We had a fantastic farewell celebration at the beginning of February, and sent them out with our blessing and thanks.

Farewell to the Klavers...

That does mean that we have a vacancy… Watch this space for more information coming (very) soon!

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