Christ Church Pitsmoor

Lunch Club


Christmas dinner

Lunch club is a significant part of the life of Christ Church and takes place in the main building, during the school term on Thursdays. A communion service at 9.45am is followed by coffee, and an entertaining ‘Chairobics’ session. Food from Pye Bank School arrives at Noon and we serve 30 – 40 dinners to equal numbers of men and women, from a range of cultural backgrounds. Everyone sits down to eat together, paying £3 for their two course meal. 10 people pay £1.50 for collection on the Minibus.

Whether or not people attend the Church at other times, Lunch Club provides an outing and Volunteer opportunities with appropriate training – serving food, clearing up, washing up, welcoming and listening, running the finances, helping with the bus, leading Chairobics.

The light atmosphere and simple aims, make it a safe and easy space to build
confidence, practice skills and spoken English and ‘make new friends’. As one
of the volunteers said, it’s great ‘just being there, thanking God, and seeing
the people we know, carrying on’.

Contact: Nick Edmondson 07725569380

Lunch Club Handout

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what do you like best?

Good atmosphere

Coming to meet friends



Meal is great

what does lunch club mean to you?

chance to get out and socialise

meeting people


only time she gets out

helpful people

good meal

Why come to lunch club?

I prefer to help people

Value for money

To serve people

seeing people happy makes me happy

saves cooking, its the company you see, for people who are on their own.


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