Christ Church Pitsmoor

Le Tour blasts through Burngreave



It took all of three minutes for the Le Tour to get through the parish, they missed all the delightful things we enjoy so much about here, but it was great to cheer them on.

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My Life, My Community

The Adventure playground has been a vital recourse for Pitsmoor for many years. it is fantastic and a privledge to help the adventure playground be a great recourse for many moor. however this street art session was not just about making the recourse attractive to users for the foreseeable future. neither was it just a fantastic session to engage young people in a creative way. although these are amazing things, this session was so much more!

we asked the young people what’s great about the adventure playground and essentially a community of difference is what came about. I asked a lad while he was drawing, what is great about pitsmoor? “it brings people together from all over the world” he replied. you see and feel that through this imagery. what happened was amazing, different organisations, different young people, different nationalities and varying ages. what happened is street art, we shared our creativity, fun, food and friendship to create something amazing, community.


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Alpha at Christ Church starts next Wednesday!

Image invite friends, family, neighbours. It will be a great opportunity. team met Monday evening for some training and we are really expectant that God is going to work in people’s lives. Also consider coming for your own faith if you have felt a bit dry recently or struggling with faith. It’s a great place to come as you are and explore.

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