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Mission 2014

The end of July kickstarts the holiday season for many people, however this july it meant gearing up to serve. Over the past year christ church pitsmoor has undertaken detached work, prayer walking, family craft sessions and youth groups. Mission 2014 was an amalgamation of CCP’s activities into a 3 day event.

Each morning consisted of fellowship including breakfast and worship (sung and biblical reflection) moving into a time of teaching provided by Snowdrop project and Chocolate box Project. With Snowdrop the group were learning about modern slavery as well as trafficking around the world. Church Army (a linked charity to CCP) were enlightening the group about the amazing work they do with vulnerable women in Sheffield. The point of inviting these projects to share with us was to enable us to learn together about issues in our community, that we could be apart of changing.

The afternoons consisted of practical tasks to help our local community. These consisted of litter picking, park cleaning (huge thanks to Sheffield parks team), prayer walking and fun on Nottingham Cliff

Tuesday the group had a great time providing fun activities in Nottingham Cliff park. Activities included football, basketball, face painting, using the play area, bouncy castle, parachute games, bracelet making and a BBQ. The team met lots of people they had talked to while cleaning the park or litter picking. On the park members of the team also set up a prayer tent. This was well used by members of the public as a space for reflection and prayer. 2 young people on the team in particular got a lot out of praying for people they didn’t know, it was fantastic to see them grow in confidence and shearing faith.

we could have organised a mission trip in another country but it was amazing to learn about and make a different in our community.

A great article by one of the young people

The projects who came and opened our eyes

Get involved
If you have an idea to help your community then share it with someone!
This is a great link to get you on the rite track–about/parks-woodlands–countryside/parks/events/organising-community-events.html

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end of evening prayer and worship

end of evening prayer and worship


A worship event that is organised by churches across the city and is for young people 11-18 from across the city. The worship band were from All Saints Ecclesall, teaching provided by Mark Russell with fun and enthusiasm provided by the young people. throughout the evening young people gave heart felt response and a longing to meet with God.  the teaching was focused on the lords prayer in particular “our farther”, trusting God and trusting the power of praying in the name of God.

There were 3 C’s to remember

C – caring

C – Close

C – Competent

we look forward to the next one on 10th July.

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Anthony who?

Anthony Stevens :: Youth Worker

Anthony Stevens :: Youth Worker

Born: Birmingham in 1986, I know there are few people at Christ Church who know or have lived in Birmingham so to be specific I was born and raised in Selly Park (in between Selly Oak and Bournville)

Favourite Food: I don’t think I dislike any food and I find it equally hard to state a favourite. I think a food I could eat every night and not be bored is Pizza or Curry…….curry Pizza now there’s a thought

Sport: I like Cycling and I do enjoy the Gym (even if it doesn’t show)

Me: as I’ve said I grew up in Birmingham I could not wait to leave school so when I could I became an engineer. I attended college for 3 year as an apprentice I specialised as a turner on lathes, because of this skill the company also made titanium wedding rings. This meant I learned to polish in various styles, diamond set, inlay precious metals, laser weld and sell. During this time I had a strong calling from God to do youth work (I ignored). A friend asked if I could cover her place on a beach mission and I was hooked. When I returned I realise that I was not serving God in my workplace or listening to God generally. Lots changed for me and I would say I suddenly became aware that God is everywhere and I can serve God anywhere. After a year and God laying on strongly the calling to be a Youth Worker I decided to try it by volunteering. 4 years later people prayer and heard God (me included) that I should grow up and do what I needed to do so I could grow. This was a Degree in youth community work and practical theology, to say I found it tough is an understatement (but that is my personal journey). Rejoice I did it and learned loads on the journey so I’m now Anthony Steven BaHons.

Why Pitsmoor: I saw the Job advert and thought that is me, I saw the church profile and thought that’s a place I can worship, serve and be; so I applied for and here I am. When I was applying for the job and equally when I got the job people would say “Pitsmoor do you know the area?” i have to say even though people rubbished the area I love it here there is no more trouble here that any other area i have lived (i have witnessed less trouble here in fact). So why exactly, discipleship of young people who are committed to Christ and community I love the diverse nature of the place and the endless possibilities.


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Cereal box game fun at element tonight!

Cereal box game fun at element tonight!

Element met tonight…eleven young ish adults come to this fortnightly group for community, fun, prayer and time with God. We looked at God’s affirmation of Jesus’ at his baptism and God’s affirmation of us!

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Alpha at Christ Church starts next Wednesday!

Image invite friends, family, neighbours. It will be a great opportunity. team met Monday evening for some training and we are really expectant that God is going to work in people’s lives. Also consider coming for your own faith if you have felt a bit dry recently or struggling with faith. It’s a great place to come as you are and explore.

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GenR8 is back!

GenR8, our group for 10-16 year olds is back this week after an extended Easter break. Friday night from 730-900 in the Welcome Centre on Nottingham Street – come and beat Steve at table tennis…

If you’re in the final term of year 5, you’re welcome to come along too.


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GenR8 news for April 2012

GenR8 is our Friday evening group for young people in year 6 and above.  This is just to let everyone know our schedule over the Easter holidays.

While we’re between youth workers (is that an inter-iuvenis-artifex?) (only actually funny if you thought inter regnum was a funny set of words) (and not very funny even then…), we’re going to have a slightly longer break over Easter than usual. So:

There is no GenR8 tonight (30 March 2012), then for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays, or for the first week back after Easter (ie 27 April 2012). We restart as normal on the 4 May. I’ll put up a confirmation post here before hand to remind everyone that it’s on, and then we’ll have a plan for what’s coming up…

Any questions, just get in touch with Richard Hanson. Thanks!

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